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primera generación dance collective

oséa: pgdc

Primera Generación Dance Collective is a collaborative group based in Riverside, California and formed by Alfonso Cervera, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Irvin Manuel Gonzalez and Patricia (Patty) Huerta that focuses on the visibilization of Mexican American corporeality through movement-based exploration, process and performance. The collective finds its roots in experimental choreography and research that focuses on Mexican American identity and its many marginalized connections.


PGDC is committed to fusing their eclectic, multilingual, lantinx aesthetics to expose el desmadre, or messiness, that is their first-generation Mexican American experience in U.S. performance platforms. PGDC seeks to create performance, workshop, lecture, and partnership opportunities that offer new ideas to the collective consciousness and visibilize the harsh realities and imaginative potentials of under-represented communities in the U.S.

rosaand joey dueto

Founded in 2008, Mexican American artists Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier and Joey Navarrete-Medina create duets that point towards first generational cultural and social experiences growing up in Southern California. Navigating their body in traditional/non-traditional performance spaces, the duet collective incorporates text, singing and "movement" in their work as a way to share their social and cultural lineage. Utilizing Post Modern and Theater frameworks of performance, Rosa and Joey’s ideas revolve around un/intentional "desmadre" (messiness) that occurs in live dance/ing and the exposure of “processes” as a way to de/construct and re-purpose their dynamic partnership. 


counterpoint/shift (re-boot), facilitated by Sue Roginski, reflects a weekly process with local Riverside dancers. This practice involves solo, duet, and ensemble work in the form of improvisational scores and every now and again, a sharing of some of the choreographies created by the linking together of the scores. This work relies upon the “close read” of several movement skills that become the central theme of a score. Each dancer offers their input to fine-tune and shape a piece.

ab miller conservatory of dance

The A. B. Miller Dance Conservatory of Dance and Dance Programs are designed to allow a dancer to focus on a specialized dance education within a public urban school setting. A. B. Miller High School Dance provides the opportunity for each student to realize the depth of his or her experiential and expressive potential as a person and as a dance artist. This program is designed as an option for dancers who are interested in enriching their dance training without leaving the Inland Empire to attend a fine arts magnet high school. The Conservatory of Dance is the only program of its type on a high school campus in the Inland Empire. The goal of the program is to provide students with the skills to earn admission to the college or university dance programs of their choice or to enter the dance profession immediately following high school.

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