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2023     "LA Times Entertainment-Things To Do..." by Steven Vargas, LA Times 04.26.23

              "Dance collective teaches moves to UC Riverside students" by  Sarah Hofmann, The Press-Enterprise, 02.16.23

2022      “Review: Primera Generación Dance Collective at the Odyssey Theatre” by Tam Warner, LA Dance Chronicle 6.24.22

              “How Primera Generación Dance Collective brought ‘Nepantla’ from screen to stage” by Steven Vargas, LA Times 6.23.22

              “Creating dance opportunities and careers for Inland Empire Youth” by Sandra Baltazar Martínez, UC Riverside News 6.22.22               

              “Performance Review: Party at the Dance at the Odyssey Festival” by Benn Widdey, Culture spot LA 06.21.22

2021      “Smash Cut – LA BlaktinX Alumni Dances Made for Camera 2021” by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle 6.29.21     

              ““Mapping our Stories” film series elevates BIPOC histories of Santa Monica” by Clara Harter, Santa Monica Daily Press 4.12.21        

              “MAPPING OUR STORIES…” by Christine Suárez, LA Dance Chronicle, 03.31.21

2020      “Mixed Reviews For Week Two of Redcat’s Virtual Now Festival 2020”  by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle 11.07.20

              “BlakTinX: Dane Festival Dancing on The Edge- Program Two” by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronical 06.24.20

2019      “Tiempos Desmadrosos: Dancing Latinidad to the beat of Grief” by Jose Alfaro, QUEEQUEG'S LEFT 12.17.19

              “Various Artists- D.I.R.T. Festival, storm SURGE edition- San Francisco” by Claudida Bauer, DaceeTabs 3.13.19

              “Field Notes: Dire Times Inspire Powerful Art and Resistance” by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle 2.11.19

2018      “Eco’s Volar Diez Mil Gana 4x4 Night,” by Suplemento Identidad, 4.22.18

              “Inland dancer mixes Mexican -American culture into performances” by Patrick Brien, Press Enterprise 9.27.18

2017      “The Best Things We Saw in Phoenix in 2017,” by Lynn Trimble, Phoenix New Times 12.18.17

              “4x4 TJ Nights Kicks Off WOW” by Janice Steinberg, San Diego Story 10.20.17

              “Phoenix’s First BlakTina Festival Packed an Emotional Punch,” by Lynn Trimble, Phoenix New Times 6.24.17

              “Bailaron Con Rosetas de Maiz” by Basilio A. Olivas S., El Mexicano 4.8.17

              “Busqueda de lenguaje y oficio coreográfico se mostro en el 4 x 4 TJ Night” by Eunice Contreras Leal, Escena Norte 3.30.17

2016      “Dance Card: Showcase for contemporary Latin American choreographers,” by Andrew Gilbert 11.29.16

              “(de) Color- Es, an evening of works... presented by Primera Generación Dance Collective” by Barry Brannum and Jennie Liu, Riting 11.17.16

              “Fourth Annual BlakTina Opens at the Bootleg” by Jeff Slayton, See Dance News 9.16.16

              “The Dancing We Carry: Thinking with Orlando” by Jose Alfaro, Queequegsleft 6.23.16

2013      “Trolley Dances offer a method of getting around a city infused with a dash of culture” by Brian Schaefer, The New York Times 09.29.13

2009      “Local dancers explore significant issues during performance” by Alejandro Cano, Fontana Herald News 1.30.09

2007      “UCR is Dancing showcases student choreography” by Ariel Greenwood, The Highlander 3.13.07

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